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Two images of Wendi San George with the hashtag, womenwhowoosh

#WomenWhoWoosh: Wendi San George

Two images of Wendi San George with the hashtag, womenwhowoosh

#WomenWhoWoosh: Wendi San George

With decades of makeup experience and a resume that includes many of Hollywood's biggest names, Wendi San George knows beauty. So we're thrilled to be able to include her as a Woman Who Wooshes! Re...

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Instant Barbie Eyes

Need a last-minute makeup look for the Barbie movie? If you have blush, you already have what you need! Yep, the blush that you normally put on the apples of your cheeks also works wonders when us...

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three images of a Model using the Even Eye Stencils and the Corner Brush to create the perfect shadow shape

How to Get the Perfect Shadow Shape

Do you remember learning how to apply eye shadow? If your mom, girlfriend, sister, neighbor, or cousin taught you a basic technique and it's still the "go-to" way you do your shadow today, you're n...

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Preface Primer Display

Behold the Blurring Power of Pre•Face Primer!

A great face primer can make a huge difference in how your makeup looks and feels. And ours, the Pre•Face primer, can do even more! We worked tirelessly on the formula for a long, long time to make...

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Three bundle options feature a tumbler, candle, and spin-on Woosh Beauty lip gloss

Beautique Gifts For Any Occasion

This summer, Woosh wants to be there to celebrate your momentous occasions and you being every piece of the rockstar you are. This is why we’re excited to announce the launch of three, all-new, sum...

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Model wiping mascara off of her face using a makeup wipe
filter-Easy - Everyday Tips

Makeup Removal Tips You May Not Know

As a beauty company made up of makeup enthusiasts, we spend a lot of time talking about how to put makeup on. But, it's equally important to feel confident about how you're taking your makeup off e...

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4 Pack of the Moisturizing Shea Butter Spin-On Lip Glosses
filter-Inside Scoop

Give Your Lips A Pop of SUMMER

The best way to add an instant pop of color to any summer ensemble is with a Spin-On Lip Gloss. All 8 shades complement the beautiful sunny weather, but right now, we’re seeing people scoop up the ...

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Model holding the PreFace Primer

Take your makeup to the next level with Pre•Face

There are approximately 8,455 reasons why you need to incorporate Pre•Face primer into your makeup routine, but rather than get into all that, we thought we would let our founder, Andrea, just tell...

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Five essential items: White tennis shoes, Woosh Beauty JetSetter Pack, Black Sunglasses, a Lunch Box, and Sunscreen

Woosh Approved: Summer Essentials

 If Memorial Day gets here and you haven't scooped up a few fun new warm-weather essentials, is it even summer? Check out our latest roundup up of simple summer finds you might want to have on han...

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Preface primer product image, preface primer spread, and model applying the preface primer onto cheekbones

It's *Prime* time! Introducing... Pre • Face Primer!

Our secret weapon for flawless, longer-lasting makeup is here! After over a year of meticulous formulating, trying, testing, and tweaking, we are excited to announce that the answer to your primer ...

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