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Lip gloss might not have the staying power of lipstick but it’s easier to apply, gives your lips major volume and suits everybody. So, about that staying power: can you improve it? Yes. Yes, you can. And here’s how to get on that...

Do you have a real love-hate relationship with lip gloss? In terms of loving how easy it is and how gorgeous it looks, yet hating the fact that you have to reapply it ten times a day? Valid. Lip gloss doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to longevity. Does it look fabulous, plump up your pout and give your entire face a youthful-looking glow? Yes. But does it win points for hard-core, against all odds stamina? Not at all.

The good news is that, unlike other makeup, you don’t need a mirror to reapply your gloss – it’s kind of a fail-safe beauty miracle like that. However, if you could get it to stick just that tiny bit better, you would, right? Then listen up because these are the tricks we’ve picked up over our (many!) years of gloss-wearing.

First Up, Why Does Lip Gloss Lack The Stay-Put Factor?

Lip glosses are very different to lipsticks which have a creamy, waxy finish to give them intense pigmentation and very good lasting power. Lip glosses, on the other hand have more of a runny, gel-like texture which gives your lips a high-shine finish and a less intense wash of color. They generally contain more oils or moisturizing ingredients, which are great for improving the health and condition of your lips, but not for your gloss’ durability. Oils, you see, are more easily absorbed by your skin.

Of course, the fact that lip glosses lack the grippy factor you’ve come to expect from your lipstick means that it’s also super easy for your gloss to get wiped off or licked away. More bad news for team lip gloss.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. While no lip gloss is ever going to last all day long – if it did, it would more of a stain than a gloss – you can definitely help it last a good two hours rather than a pitiful five minutes.

5 Ways To Make Your Lip Gloss Last Longer

1. Prep Your Lips For Success

If your lips are in good nick, your lip products – lipstick, stain, gloss, whatever – will always last longer, without fail. And an added bonus? They’ll look way better, too.

Moisurized lips, however, are no mean feat because the skin on your lips notoriously lacks natural oils thanks to a serious shortage of sebaceous glands. This is why they need extra help.

The best way to help avoid dry, chapped lips is to gently exfoliate the skin once a week. This will help remove dead skin cells, say ‘ciao’ to any flaky areas and boost blood flow to encourage healthier, plump skin. All good stuff. Lip exfoliation is also one of the simplest of beauty hacks. Simply grab an old, soft toothbrush or a damp facecloth and massage your lips gently in circular motions for 30-60 seconds.

To follow, always apply a lip balm to protect the skin, seal in moisture and replenish the skin’s barrier function. In fact, we like to keep a few lip balms like Nuxe Rêve de Miel in our purse, on our desk, next to the kitchen sink, and in the car to hydrate and moisturize our lips at all times. Just us? Ha, we didn't think so.

2. Prime Your Lips First

One of our favorite ways to boost the hour-power of lip gloss is to prime the lips with a smidge of concealer first. This works to create a kind of smooth base to help your makeup grip to the skin better.

Apply a small amount of dark concealer to your lips either with a soft makeup brush or the pad of your finger and allow it to set for a few seconds. Just don’t go too overboard or you’ll lose all the color from your lips!

3. Use Lip Liner

Lining your lips is a clever and simple way to ensure your gloss stays on your lips rather than migrating outside the lines. 

Go for a waxy formulation to really maximize grip and choose a shade that’s similar to your natural lip color for the most natural look. Oh, and don’t draw too far outside the line of your lips. We love the ‘90s, but that trend is one step too far!

4. Choose A Thicker Gloss

Experts agree that the longest-lasting lip glosses tend to be the high-quality, thicker formulations rather than the thin, watery ones that have too much ‘slip.’ Don’t be fooled into thinking that thick has to mean horribly sticky, however. Our Spin-On Lip Glosses have just the right consistency to grab on to your lips without feeling too gloopy and without attracting the ends of your hair like an annoying little makeup magnet. IYKYK!

spin on lip gloss bundle. Comes in a bundle of four selected lip glosses and they are the Andrea, the Amanda, the Elizabeth, the Maggie, the Nicole and the Tracy

Our formulas are packed with moisturizing shea butter to look after your lips while giving them the shiniest finish ever. They're also 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free of things like alcohol, mineral oil and parabens which, well, we don’t want anywhere near our lips so we figured you wouldn’t, either.

Apply a thin layer for a sheer wash of color, or build it up for more intensity. Either way, you will love the finish (and lasting power) of these awesome glosses.

5. Set With Highlighting Powder

One final trick: dab a little highlighting powder on the center of your lips after, yes AFTER applying your gloss. This can be a very handy way to set your lips and add staying power to your gloss. Plus, an added bonus is that it will draw in extra light to your pout, emphasizing your lips and making them appear fuller than they actually are!

Use the pad of your middle finger and dab on just a smidge. That's really all you'll need.

For further lip gloss insurance, you could also apply a little extra Foundation or Contour Powder around the outside of your lips with a small makeup brush. This creates a kind of seal around your lips.

Now go!

PS: Since you're here, we thought we'd let you in on a little secret. We adore our Spin-On Lip Glosses just the way they are (we're only human, after all!), but our smart science bods figured out a way to make them even better. So, they're getting a little makeover for summer. Think exciting new shades, more intense hydration and even a brand new name. Stay tuned!

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