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Running low on something? Pick up a refill and pop it into one of your *refillable* palette and you'll never 'hit pan' again. All refills ship FREE!

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Custard concealer refill panModel applying custard concealer to undereye
Chantarelle foundation powder refill panModel applying foundation powder on cheeks
Bellini blush refill panmodel applying bellini to cheekbones
Fold Out™ Eye Shadow RefillModel applying eye shadow to eyelid
Light contour powder refill panModel applying light contour powder to cheekbones
#color_brown sugar#color_brown sugar
Prosecco shimmer refill panModel applying shimmer refill to under eyes
Fold Out Eyes™ Empty Refillable PaletteFold Out Eyes™ Empty Refillable Palette
Empty palette with 3 pans showing you can build your own paletteEye shadow options: brulee, rose, truffle, macaroon, bubbly, licorice, ganache
Fold Out Complexion Build your palette product showing an empty palette and one shimmer/blush pan, two concealer pans, and two foundation powder pansConcealer options from lightest to darkest shades (custard, peaches n cream, coconut, irish cream, cannoli, latte, whiskey, toffee, butter pecan, hazelnut, bourbon, lava cake
Build your own 13 pan palette with 4 eyeshadow pans, two concealer pans, 2 contour shades, 2 blushes, one shimmer, and 2 foundation powders to choose fromeye shadow options: Brulee, rose, truffle, macaroon, bubbly, licorice, ganache