How to use the corner brush eye stamper to create a smokey eyeCorner Brush Eye Stamper tool that stamps on your eyeshadow to create a smokey eye look

The Corner Brush Eye Stamper®

The #1 tool for easy shadow placement, this V-shaped eye brush lets you quickly make your shadow marks and then fill in or smudge for instant, easy looks.

$ 29
The Arc BrushThe Arc Brush

The Arc Brush

A must-have, multitasking eye shadow and liner tool, the new Arc Brush lets you create 3 distinct looks using the unique, curved design that fits perfectly into the natural contours of your eyes.

$ 29
The wheel end of the eyeliner wheel rolling eyeliner on a flat surfaceEyeliner Wheel tool showing that rolls on your eyeliner and has a smudger brush on the other end.

The Eyeliner Wheel

Designed to deliver an expert liner look, the Eyeliner Wheel rolls product on effortlessly, unlike any pencil, and includes a perfectly sized smudger brush for any touch-ups.

$ 29
even eye stencils under eyes on model as she puts on her eyeshadowEven Eye Stencils out of packaging

Even Eye Stencils

These handy little guides help you get perfect eye looks without all of the back and forth! They're also washable, reusable, and made from 100% medical grade silicone.

$ 16
flex and curl mascara out of tube showing that the wand can twist and bend Flex and curl mascara out of tube showing wand

Flex & Curl Mascara

An every day, buildable, lengthening formula with a unique bendable wand to coat and cover every upper and lower lash.

$ 20
mascara shield in use with mascara protecting upper lid and lengthening lashes on model  mascara shield in packaging

Mascara Shield

You'll never have to deal with mascara marks or mess-ups again! This brilliant, comfortably contoured shield protects your lids and eyeshadow while also amplifying lash curl.

$ 8
End mascara smudges forever with our Mascara ShieldMost unique eye tools set ever - includes Corner Brush Eye Stamper, Even Eye Stencils, Eyeliner Wheel, Mascara Shield and Flex and Curl Mascara

Easy on the Eyes Collection

Our best selling eye tools, bundled together, take the guesswork out of what you need to create easy, gorgeous eye looks.

$ 75