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The Eyeliner Wheel

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Why You Need It:

Introducing the world's first roll-on eyeliner tool! Our patent-pending Woosh® wheel was created to help you get a perfect, expert eyeliner look, without the challenges you've come to accept as part of your everyday makeup routine.

Designed to eliminate all of the traditional tugging, the endless back and forth, and the shaky lines drawn with hands that just won't stay steady, this wheel is the stress-free solution to all of your eyeliner woes.

Create a classic sleek line, a winged liner flick, or a creation of your own without worry because our wheel rolls along your lid creating a clean, even, sleek line each and every time.

How to Use It:

For best results, dip and roll the wheel in our Woosh® Double Decker cushion ink liner (coming soon!) or another liner of your choice, to coat the outer rim. Using your lash line as a guide, place the wheel closer to the outer edge and roll out to create an extended flick. Keeping the wheel in place without lifting from the skin, gently rock it back towards the lash line and then roll to your inner eye. Flip to the angled brush on the opposite end for an optional way to soften, perfect, and set.


In Action:

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