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How to Use the Fold Out Face

There is so much makeup out there, it’s easy to feel like you are drowning in beauty products. The Fold Out Face full face makeup palette is here to simplify your routine, solving this common problem, and showing you how to apply makeup quickly and easily. It’s one palette with 13 products, 5 steps, and infinite makeup looks all in one package! The 5 steps include eyeshadow, perfectors, contour, blush, and blenders. This covers everything from eye makeup to foundation. You can get a simple, everyday eye look or a dramatic smokey eye for a night out. All of the products are formulated so they layer together effortlessly! The steps are labeled 1 through 5, with eyeshadow first and foundation powder last, but feel free to use whichever order works best for you. Say goodbye to time consuming makeup routines and hello to the Fold Out Face!