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The Essential Brush Set

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Why You Need It:

Solve the mystery of which brushes you really need with the Woosh™ Essential Brush Set, featuring 4 dual-ended brushes that do the work of 8 full-sized professional tools.

Ergonomically designed, expertly curated, and featuring two full-size, synthetic bristle brushes in one tool; our brushes provide superior blendability and precision. To save both time and money, each brush head is perfectly paired with a complimentary companion, to be used in the order of how you apply your makeup. The dual-ended Eye Shadow, Perfector, Contour, and Blush & Blend brushes all work together to ensure you get a completely flawless finish in a flash.

Use along with the Woosh™ Fold Out Face™ for a simple 5-step guide to a full makeup look in under 5 minutes.

The Essential Brush Set Includes: Eye Brush Perfector Brush Contour Brush Blush and Blend Brush Brush Bag


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