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Are you a blush or bronzer kind of person? Well, did you know that the best way to add color and contrast to your skin is to use both? Read on for everything we know about the difference between bronzer and blush, plus how to make them work together, like the dream team they were born to be.

When it comes to adding a flush of color to the skin, most people fall into one of two categories: team blush or team bronzer. But is there not a world in which you can have your cake and eat it? Actually yes. Word is that bronzer and blush work way better together than they do when used separately.

First, What’s The Difference Between Bronzer & Blush?

Well, the clues are in the names! Bronzer is tan, brown or gold in color and it’s used on areas of the face that usually tan in the sun to help make your entire complexion look naturally sunkissed.

Blush, on the other hand, comes in pink or peachy tones (never tan) and is applied to the cheeks only. And that’s probably the most important thing to remember here. While bronzer can be applied all over the face and décolletage (even your arms and abs if you so desire!) to help accentuate and highlight contours, blush should only ever be used on your cheeks. Bronzer can masquerade as blush, for sure, but blush can never do the job of a bronzer.

In terms of their formulation, both come in cream, liquid or powders but we believe that powders are heads and shoulders above the rest. Why? Because they have way more staying power and suit all skin types – creams are no good if you have oily skin. They’re also buildable, blendable and oh-so dependable (well, ours are, anyway, but we’ll come to them in a minute).

What’s The Best Way To Use Bronzer?

While we love blush, bronzer is the king of ‘goes almost anywhere,’ makeup. If you prefer bronzer over blush and it suits your skin tone better, there’s no reason why you can’t use it to add color to your cheeks, but, generally speaking, it’s better off being used in the hollows of your cheekbones to contour and accentuate.

You can also apply bronzer lightly across your forehead, around the jawline and under the chin to add a natural-looking contoured effect. But you have to choose wisely. Shimmery bronzers are no good for contouring because the idea is that darker powders should create shadow, not reflect light. Shimmer is OK in its place, but as a face bronzer? No way.

Instead, choose a matte bronzer that works all over the face and does the job of bronzing and contouring. Our Dark Contour Powders are awesome because they double up as bronzing powders as well as beautiful, fine-milled contour powders. They blend insanely well, look extremely natural on your skin and are always included in our Fold Out Face Refillable Palettes. Oh, and you don’t even have to worry about finding the right shade as you will receive the exact one to suit your skin tone when you chose your perfect palette.

What About The Best Way To Use Blush?

Blush owns cheeks, and rightly so. It was made to add soft color to the apples of your cheeks and the high plains of your cheekbones, adding warmth to your skin where you would naturally, well, blush. But, as we said before, it’s not a multi-tasker like bronzer. Blush usually comes in shades that just don’t look good when used on the rest of your face. They’re also more likely to contain a little more shimmer. And you remember our take on using shimmer to contour, right?

When it comes to choosing the right shade for you, the loose rule is that the warmer your skin tone, the warmer or ‘peachier’ your blush can go, whereas if you have cooler skin tones, pink shades might be more up your alley. However, peach shades generally suit most skin tones and pink can really make a statement, so play around to see what works.

Again, our Fold Out Face Palettes is packed with two different tones of blush to suit your skin depending on your mood and outfit! Our awesome Fold Out Complexion Kit also comes with our universally flattering pink Daiquiri shade to touch up your color on the go.

Just remember, blush powders contain a good amount of pigment so start lightly and build as you need – you want your blush to make you look glowing and healthy, not like you’ve recently sweated your way through an hour’s worth of hot yoga.

So What’s The Right Order For Using Both?

We prefer to apply bronzer and blush before foundation. That way you can really tailor it to your skin and blur it all out with foundation as your last step. Swirl your Essential Blush & Blend Brush into your Dark Contour Powder first, then tap off the excess before lightly applying it wherever you want to sculpt and contour your face. As far as your cheeks go, work it very lightly on and under the cheekbones for a soft glow.

Next, use the same brush (it doesn’t matter if the powders blend together slightly) and swirl it into your Blush powder. Again, tap away any excess, then dust it over the apples of your cheeks just above where you applied your Dark Contour Powder. Use your brush to blend the colors together and remember, go lightly.

Once you’re happy with your handiwork, apply Foundation Powder over the top to make your cheeks look naturally flushed and glowing – almost like your makeup is your actual skin. That’s the aim, anyway.

Any Other Cheeky Tips?


Behold, three more pro tips we’ve picked up over the years for nailing the best blush/bronzer/contouring routine!

1. If you have a round face, avoid applying blush to the apples of your cheeks. You'll add more definition by dusting it just underneath your cheekbones instead.

2. Don’t apply bronzer after your blush as this can cause too much color build-up which muddies the powders together and leaves you with that tell-tale ‘dirty’ bronzer look.

3. Blend like your life depends on it. And when you think you're done? Go back for some more. In our humble opinion, you can never blend too much.

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