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As much as we enjoy wrapping up inside on a cold, winter’s day, summer is officially the best. Throwing on a cute dress and sandals is just so much easier than putting together layers of knitwear and digging out ‘the right’ boots, don’t you think? 

We’re totally feeling the summer vibes right now and have already snapped up some real treats (jorts for the win!). Here's what else we're eyeing up for next month’s paycheck...

Come summer, do you crave to be outdoors swinging your legs on a cute bike as you speed down country lanes. OK, so maybe you don’t want to be in an English period drama quite as much as we do, but still, cycling is so much fun when it’s not raining or freezing cold outside. And if you want to look insanely chic while you’re at it, check out this Retrospec Beaumont City Bike which now comes in five new colors. Legacy Blush (a soft pink) almost got our vote but was narrowly eclipsed by Larimar, this fabulous duck egg blue.

When it comes to awesome skincare, we’re all about clean, high-quality ingredients. And Canadian holistic beauty line, Living Libations is exactly that. Created and co-owned by Nadine Artem and her life-partner, Ron, Living Libations embodies a range of beautifully blended elixirs, balms, oils and wellness solutions. Our current favorite is Tropical Best Skin Ever, a clever, coconut oil-based cleansing oil that moisturizes and balances while rejuvenating and exfoliating the skin. And if tropical juices aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other variants to choose from including Chocolate (no joke!), Rose and Neroli.

We will never tire of gifting ourselves with new coffee table books that have long since outgrown our coffee table and migrated to bookshelves all around the house! And this Miami Beach book by New York Times writer and editor, Horacio Silva is an absolute must for summer. Coated in fabric (that’s quality, right there) and designed to be poured over, it’s a complete, unapologetic celebration of Miami’s white beaches, fabulous characters and incredible architecture. Expensive, sure, but so worth it.

Created by Ghanian founder, Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, and handcrafted by local women who specialize in traditional weaving techniques, AAKS bags are everything you want them to be: sustainable, ethical and extremely high quality. Not only that but they look so beautiful you will want one in every design and color way – including this Tia Grande Raffia Bag which embraces function and form, and perfectly oozes the bright exuberance of Africa.

For us, athletic sunglasses are usually only worn on the ski slopes or pickleball court, but they're everywhere this summer (tenniscore, anyone?). In fact, sales of wraparounds and sporty silhouettes are already reportedly up 193 percent from this time last year. Our pick? These super lightweight Rawlings Baseball Sunglasses. Admittedly, we won’t be playing baseball in them, but you will find us looking oh-so-stylish while promenading here, there and everywhere else.

Summer might be our favorite season but, really, it’s all about the kids. And show us a kid who doesn’t love messing around on the beach playing with the sand and water. To help them crush that, without filling your trunk with plastic junk, we suggest you get your hands on these Silicone Beach Toys from BraveJusticeKidsCo. Made from soft, durable silicone and totally eco-friendly, they’re safe for your little ones and very affordable for your wallet.

The simple combination of glowing skin, lashes and lip gloss is often the sweet spot for summer makeup. And all of which we can help you with. If you’re looking for an all-singing, all-dancing mascara, for example; one that helps your lashes look longer, darker, thicker, fuller and shinier, little beats our Like Magic Mascara. The secret lies in its ‘tubing’ formula which coats the lashes with a flexible tube of color that lasts all day (it’s even beach-friendly!) and never flakes or clumps.

We love the fact that reusable water bottles have become such a big deal. But may we just say, Stanley, Shmanley! There, we said it. And why? Well, maybe it's just us, but that handle kinda gets in the way. Also, leaks. WTH? Sorry, but we’re over them and believe it’s time for a new model to have its moment. Our pick is the Owala FreeSip water which comes in tons of color options, and has a two-in-one spout that allows you to sip from the main one, or suck through a smaller, straw-like spout. It’s also totally leakproof. Obsessed? Erm, very.

We’re almost embarrassed by the volume of Arizona Birkenstocks we currently own between us. But we simply can't stop. They’re just so insanely comfortable. And they look great, too. The lightweight EVAs are always a winner for beach days, but our founder, Andrea is all about these taupe suede ones right now which look so good with floaty summer dresses or white denim. Do we predict another pair coming our way? Yes, we absolutely do.

OK, we’re not going to lie to you, this one is a bit of a splurge buy. But a Diptyque fan that comes with two travel size Ilio eau de toilettes? Come ooon! With its own little dust bag, the ILIO Ready-To-Perfume Fan is possibly the coolest (quite literally) thing to be seen with this summer. You can even hang the fan around your neck for on-the-go beach cool-downs. And the fragrance? Like sunset in a bottle. Want. So bad.

Don’t you just hate having to carry around countless piece of makeup just to look good throughout the day? Well, have you heard that our Fold Out Complexion Kit does the job of four products, all-in-one? Complete with blush, shimmer, two creamy concealers and two powder foundations for seamlessly blending into your skin even if it changes tone throughout the summer, it’s the perfect companion for your beach bag/shopping tote/evening purse. We’ve even thrown in our fabulous 4-in-1 makeup brush for pro-like makeup application. Now that’s what we call a smart purchase.

Speaking of not wanting to carry loads of stuff around all summer long, have you got on the Apple iPhone FineWoven Wallet with MagSafe train yet? Our founder, Andrea loves this Mulberry one which holds up to three credit cards and snaps onto the back of her iPhone with super strong, built-in magnets. We’re secretly jealous every time we see it, but don’t want to be all stalker-ish by totally copying her look. Thankfully, there are five other colors to choose from (inc. black, of course). That makes it OK, right?


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