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Article: Better brows in 3 steps

Hot pink eyebrows on a light pink background
eye brushes

Better brows in 3 steps

When it comes to eyebrows, whether you're working with a lot, a little, you love 'em, you hate 'em, or you just ignore 'em, these 3 simple steps are really all it takes to enhance your brows, and your face. 


You're born with your brows and, odds are, they are already the correct shape for your face. So try your best to stick to your natural brow shape & enhance from there, rather than getting too artistic and creating all new eyebrows. 

Here are the shaping guidelines: 

  1. First, check if your brow starts in the right place: Use any long tool (like a pencil, eye brush, even a finger etc) & align it with the outer, top bridge of your nose. Your brow should start right where that tool lies. 
  2. Next, to check where your brow’s tail ends, turn the tool, from its straight, upright position (against your bridge), to hit the outside corner of your eye. This new 45 degree angle should line up with the tail of your brow!

Model with lines to determine if their brow is in the right place. The Brow aligns with the nose bridge, ends at a 45 degree angle, and the nose aligns with the ear at a 90 degree angle.

Step 2: FILL ‘ER UP

To keep a natural looking brow, softly fill in any sparse areas with a powder or eyeshadow that best matches your brows. If you don't have one that matches perfectly, you can go slightly lighter than your natural color. Take an angled brush, like the one found on the end of most of our brushes, including the Corner Brush, the angled eye liner brush, The Arc Brush, the Eyeliner Wheel, or the Eye Brush from our Essential Makeup Brush Set, dip it into your powder and fill the gaps with a light hand. PRO TIP:  Fill in really lightly (a gentle stamp of the small brush will do) so it’s barely there. Don’t over fill or make the end points too harsh to avoid looking unnatural. 

Before and after image of the model's eyebrows using a Woosh Beauty brush

Step 3: COMB & TAME

Take a spoolie or brow brush, like the one found on the handle of the Mascara Shield, to your brows to blend out the color. Then, set the look by combing through brows with an eyebrow gel to hold the hairs in place. (Don’t have any eyebrow gel? Take your spoolie & spray it with hairspray, or use clear mascara. )

 Model using the Mascara Shield to comb their eyebrow.

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