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Article: Halloween Minimalism

Spiderwebs against a purple background

Halloween Minimalism

Here at Woosh Beauty, we LOVE Halloween! It's a really great time of year to let your creativity shine and be as authentic and silly as you truly want to be. We encourage you to dress up and have as much fun as possible--because life is just way too short to not participate! 🥳 🎃 👻

That being said, we understand-- things can get a bit out of hand. We don't want you wasting too much of your precious time scouring the internet to find multiple costumes for the weekends festivities. So we're here to tell you that makeup can go A LONG way in the costume game-- with the right brushes & tools of course. 

Take a look below at 3 easy Halloween makeup looks you can achieve with our brushes & eye tools. Happy Halloween!

SCARECROW - This makeup look is so fun and super simple! We recommend a super thin liner brush, like the one on the end of The Eyeliner Wheel, to get those stitches across your mouth looking perfect. You can blend a few warm shades of eyeshadow on your face and eyes with the fluffy end of the Eye Detailer Brush, dot on a few freckles, and you're good to go! All that's left is a chunky sweater or a flannel and your look is COMPLETE.

Girl with the scarecrow makeup look

CLOWN - This look can be as simple or detailed as you like! We advise starting with a bit of a lighter/whiter complexion than your normal routine and go a bit heavy on the blush! (If you have the Fold Out Face Palette, the light contour and both blushes are really excellent for this!) For the more detailed face makeup, we recommend using the opposite end of The Eyeliner Wheel to get super precise lines. The Arc Brush is also great help to create those curves above your eye brows!

Model with a scary clown makeup look

SKULL- This look is for anyone who wanted to attempt a skull look in the past but maybe felt it was too difficult. Watch the video below of content creator, Terran, as she walks you through EXACTLY what to do for this look. Terran uses The Arc Brush, The Corner BrushThe Eyeliner Wheel and The Even Eye Stencils to complete this look!






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