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Article: How To Do Eye Shadow on Hooded Lids

Four faces on eye shadow on hooded lids of a model

How To Do Eye Shadow on Hooded Lids

First things first-- let's explain what makes a hooded eye.  A hooded eye is when the brow bone comes down and covers the mobile lid (the mobile lid is the actual eyelid-- the part that moves up and down when you blink!)

Visual of eye anatomy showing the location of the brow bone and the mobile lid to aid in application of eye shadow

Now, how to apply makeup to it:

Step 1: Apply a brown shadow all over your mobile lid and up into the brow bone (the "Define" shadow in our Fold Out Face palette is used here!) 

Step 2: While in your "natural, resting face," create a dark, V-shaped mark using the Corner Brush eye stamper on the brow bone. This will elongate the look of your eye and make it appear more open.

Demonstration of what a v shape looks like using the Corner Brush eye stamper when applied to the brow bone 

Since this mark is actually on the brow bone (see photo below), you'll want to fill downward to ensure everything looks great when you open your eyes wide, AND when in your natural resting position.  

 Eye with the v shaped eyeshadow on the brow bone

Step 3: With your eye closed, use an angled brush to blend the dark color downward onto your mobile lid until it hits your lash line.

Model using the angled brush to blend the v shaped mark down until it hits the lash line

Step 4: Add some shine to the center of the lid and brow bone, and that's it!

 Model eye after adding shimmer to the center of the eyelid

TIP: Since the mobile lid is usually sandwiched under the brow bone in a hooded eye, we recommend applying a good setting spray (or using an eye primer) to make sure the shadow on the mobile lid and the bottom of brow bone stay in place.

Shop: Fold Out Face palette and The Corner Brush  

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