Where to hold your makeup brush

Have you ever watched a makeup tutorial and thought, "Wow she makes it look so easy! What is she doing that I’m not doing? How is she making it look so effortless?"

Well one of the reasons professionals sometimes “look” like they’re doing something differently is because they are probably holding their brushes in the correct place. Yup, there is an actual proper place to hold your makeup brushes! Who would have thought? With applying makeup, just like a workout move, form matters. (Luckily, makeup form just happens to be WAY easier )

Hand holding a makeup brush in the center of the brush to demonstrate where to hold your makeup brush


Hold your makeup brush more towards the middle to end of the handle. The closer your hand is to the actual bristles of the brush, the more constricted your blending motions will be and harsher your makeup will apply. For free flowing, optimal feather-like pressure, moving your grip back will help majorly. This will allow a softer, more natural application of all of your products.

4 Essential Brushes: Blush&Blend, Contour, Perfector, and Eyes

TIP: Our Essential Brushes are perfect to help you practice this form. We’ve designed our brushes so that our barrels (the silver part) are longer and the white handles are right in the center. This white handle is where you should hold your brush.

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