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Article: How to create 3 stunning eye looks for fall

Two images of a model creating fall eye makeup looks and the final makeup look

How to create 3 stunning eye looks for fall

Eye shadow is one of the fastest and easiest ways to add an interesting element to your overall look. Unlike a haircut, a new outfit, or an expensive treatment, changing up your eye shadow is commitment-free and cost-effective! We asked one of our favorite makeup artists, Ivey Ray, to walk us through how she creates 3 different eye looks that you can do at home. Ivey used the products found in the Fold Out Face full face makeup palette, but you can use those, or any similar products you own. 

Shadow Wings 

1. Cover entire lid with a light layer of Concealer / Perfectors for shadow base. 

2. Cover lid with similar colored powder (contour or blender from the Fold Out Face).

 Model applying concealer from the Fold Out Face Palette

3. Use the black eye shadow called “line’ to start creating your wing with the Eye brush from the Essential makeup Brush Set.

Model using the eye brush from the Essential Makeup Brush Set to create a winged eyeliner look

4. Top the upper lash line with your favorite liquid liner. 

5. Clean up your wings by using the Perfectors (concealer) with the domed, side of the Eye brush to sharpen the wing.

Model using the Perfectors eyebrush to sharpen the wing


Saddle Brown Smokey Eye 

1. Cover entire “mobile” lid with brown Define eye shadow from the Fold Out Face full face makeup palette. (do not hit the crease). 

Model applying the brown eye shadow from the Fold Out Face Palette

2. Contour only the crease with the dark contour powder color using the small side of your Perfector brush from the Essential makeup Brush Set.

Model contouring the crease with a dark contour powder using the small end of the Perfector brush

3. Dip into the light shade of your contour powders and dust under your brow bone with the larger side of your Perfector brush. 

4. Top with liner and your favorite blackest black mascara. 

Final makeup look

Take this look ever further with what Ivey calls the Autumn Sunrise Smokey Eye in the video below!

Autumn Sunrise Smokey Eye 

1. Start with steps 1-3 from the above Saddle Brown Smokey Eye. 

2. Top upper lash line with black liner and Eye brush. 

3. Blend lighter blush color in the outer v, upper crease area. 

4. Blend deeper blush color in the outer v only. 

5. Circle black eyeshadow with eyes open into outer upper lashes area with small Perfector side as close as you can.

6. Top upper lashes with your favorite black mascara. 

7. Line lower lash line with either blush color and define with the angled side of the eyes brush. 

8. Coat lower lashes with your favorite black mascara. 

9. Finish with Pink Natural Spin-on lip gloss. 


For more great makeup looks, be sure to follow our girl, Ivey, on Instagram

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