How to get an easy, everyday eye look

Whether you're on a video chat or out in public wearing a mask, your eyes are really on display. So what to do when you want to make a statement, but you're more of an understated eye makeup wearer? Try this effortless, everyday eye that you can create with the shades found in the Fold Out Face (or similar shades you may have at home).


Step 1: Apply the Base shade all over your lid. You can also use a dab of concealer, an eyeshadow primer, and/or extend the shadow up to your eyebrow. It's all up to you!

Step 2: Using the Line shadow, take a flat, angled liner brush (or make your life even easier and use our Arc Brush!) and coat your upper lash line, working from the outer corner, in. 

Step 3: Using the Define shade, start in the outer corner of your eyelid (pro-tip: use your Corner Brush to easily stamp on the outer "V") and blend along your crease, applying the most shadow in the outer corner and gradually blending inward. 

Step 4:  Finish with a little mascara and voilà - a gorgeous, everyday eye look.