Ever wonder how to make your natural lips really POP when finishing up your makeup look? Well we’d like to introduce you to the…CONCEALER HACK! 

Yup, the same concealer, or in our case perfector, that you use to cover up your blemishes also really helps to define your lip shape.

Follow these simple steps:
Completed makeup lip look for fuller lips
Step 1: Line your lips with any neutral lip liner. If you want extra full-looking lips, over-line your lip line just a little.
Model lining lips with a neutral lip liner

Step 2: Apply a tiny bit of perfector from your Fold Out Face all-in-one makeup palette with the angled liner brush on your roll on Eyeliner Wheel to line the outside of your already over-lined lips. 

This is to tidy up & define the lines you’ve already made with your nude liner! 

(Don't have a Fold Out Face or Eyeliner Wheel? You should get ‘em! ;) But any concealer and skinny eye brush should work!)

Model applying a Woosh lip gloss applicator
Step 3: Use any Woosh lip gloss applicator to the final look and smudge them together! Completed lip makeup look
Voila! Lips that POP 😘