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Article: Beautique Gifts For Any Occasion

Three bundle options feature a tumbler, candle, and spin-on Woosh Beauty lip gloss

Beautique Gifts For Any Occasion

This summer, Woosh wants to be there to celebrate your momentous occasions and you being every piece of the rockstar you are. This is why we’re excited to announce the launch of three, all-new, summer beautique bundles. Each goodie-packed bundle will include unique arrangements of a lovely smelling Candier candle, a vibrant double walled 16 oz. skinny matte tumbler, and a Woosh Spin-On lip gloss. These bundles are available now in the Woosh Beautique area of our Shop section.

Product display of the Birthday Bundle with a Candier Birthday candle with sprinkles, a matte pink tumbler with straw, and a Woosh Beauty Spin-On Lip Gloss

The Birthday Bundle is perfect for our princesses who just want to be fed cake and told they’re pretty on their special day. Your wishes will come true as the birthday cake gooey buttercream aroma of the “Go Shawty It’s Yo Birthday” candle fills the air. This pack also includes a stylish beige frosted Woosh spin on lip gloss that’ll keep your lips popping when you blow out those candles. To top it off, this kit also comes with a 16 oz. double walled skinny matte tumbler in lilac. This Birthday Bundle is the perfect gift to show your girl how special she truly is on her birthday.

Product display of a different version of the Birthday Bundle with a Hot Pink Matte Tumbler with straw, a Candier Candle, and a hot pink Woosh Beauty Spin-on Lip Gloss

The Congrats Bundle is a great way to say “Hey, that thing you just did, I mean, wow!!!”. Nothing will make her feel she crushed it more than the strawberry jam vanilla cake scented smell of the “Congrats On That Thing You Did” candle. The 16 oz. double walled skinny matte tumbler in bright pink will shine with her as she celebrates a big win. Lastly, the Woosh Spin-On lip gloss in pink sheer will give her the lips of an angel as she smiles for the camera. The Congrats Bundle is a heartwarming present that shows her you are as happy for her as could be. 

Matte Black Tumbler, I'm More like 76% That Bitch Rose Gold candle, and a Spin-On Lip GLoss Badass Bundle

The Bada$$ Bundle is the ultimate kit for all our kickass ladies who can’t be told a damn thing. The bergamot and grapefruit orange scent of the “I’m More Like 76% That B^%#!” candle will leave haters in their tracks when they get a whiff. The 16 oz. double walled skinny matte tumbler in black will let coworkers know you’re not in the mood while sipping your morning coffee. The Woosh spin on lip gloss in rich toast will warn boys that you’ve got the irresistible kiss of death. The Bada$$ Bundle is the right way to keep all the divas in your life walking strong and stringing boys along.


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