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Article: Makeup Removal Tips You May Not Know

Model wiping mascara off of her face using a makeup wipe

Makeup Removal Tips You May Not Know

As a beauty company made up of makeup enthusiasts, we spend a lot of time talking about how to put makeup on. But, it's equally important to feel confident about how you're taking your makeup off everyday. Below are some very effective, lesser-known tips on how to best remove your makeup. By fully removing your makeup each day, you preserve and protect your skin, which helps you to continue to achieve gorgeous makeup results. Read on and keep these in mind when you're ready to call it a day.  

Cotton Rounds with makeup smudges on them and makeup surrounding it

When should I remove my makeup?

Although you may be tired after a long day of work, it is essential that your makeup be removed at night before bedtime. Our skin regenerates itself while we sleep, so if your pores are still filled with makeup they are essentially suffocated which prevents restoration.

How long should it take to remove my makeup?

There is no quantifying how long it should take every person to remove their makeup. The most important part about this process is that it is done with care. Always give your remover time to do its job, rushing can lead to friction which could cause cause skin damage and irritation.

Should I use makeup wipes?

Wipes are a pivotal initial step in removing makeup and are best used to remove makeup before cleansing. However, it is important to follow this with a proper washing of the face. A thorough night regimen should end with a face washing using a cleanser with water to remove residue. If you only use wipes and moisturizer, you might push dirt into your pores and wake up with pimples.

Why is it necessary to tie my hair back when removing makeup?

It might seem like common sense, but always tie your hair back before you wash off your makeup. It is important that your hairline is exposed during this process since a lot of makeup residue tends to build up in this area.

Why do I need to double-cleanse?

The importance of double-cleansing when removing makeup is understanding that each wash has it’s own purpose. The first wash is to remove the layer of makeup while the second wash is to properly cleanse the skin. The second cleanse should also be used to massage your face and boost circulation which will maintain a healthy and glowing complexion.

Where should I start when removing my makeup?

Always begin with removing lip makeup so that there is no smear resulting in messes all over the rest of your face. Next, you should move delicately to the eyes. The surrounding skin under eye makeup is very thin and delicate so be very gentle during this step making sure to dab and not rub. The best results come from soaking a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and patting the area for a few moments to loosen the makeup which then can be softly swiped away.

What tips can help if I am struggling to remove dark eye makeup?

Petroleum jelly can be extremely effective in removing even the most stubborn waterproof formulas. Apply a minimal amount to the affected area and swipe gently to remove.

How do I remove my foundation at the end?

Begin by applying your makeup remover to your face and follow with a quick rinse. Next, continue with a toner and finish up with a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Is a hot towel/steam really beneficial?

Yes, using a washcloth soaked in hot water will open up your pores and help remove any excess dirt that may be left over on your skin. Let the cloth sit on your face for five minutes after removing your foundation before bedtime. It's relaxing and beneficial for your pores! 


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