Demonstration of the v-shaped eye brush stamper applied on the eyelid  to create an easy winged eyeliner look Stick-on reusable eye stencils for a flawless winged eyeliner look, Two-sided angled eyeliner brush, and mascara shield three pack bundle to protect eyelids from mascara smudges and create a flawless eyeliner look

Easy on the Eyes

These 3 tools are all you need to make applying eye makeup easier than ever before ($57 value!)

The Minimalist™The Minimalist™

The Minimalist™

Your entire beauty routine in 3 products. ($102 value!)

Model holding the fold out beauty paletteFold out face palette with dual ended brush with v-shaped end and angled end

The Signature Set™

Create your own signature beauty look with our two best-sellers, the Fold Out Face® and Corner Brush Eye Stamper® now bundled in one set. ($94 value!)

Model holding the fold out face palette The fold out face palette with four brushes from the essential brush set

The Fold Out Face® Palette + The Essential Brush Set

Make your mornings easier with this paint-by-number makeup experience. ($154 value!)

Model holding the fold out face palette Fold out face beauty palette, 4 in 1 collapsable makeup brush, the essential makeup bag, 4 essential brushes, and 1 spin on lip gloss


A big, bad bundle for those who want ALL of the essentials! ($197 value!)

The Statement Set™The Statement Set™

The Statement Set™

The Fold Out Face all-in-one makeup palette plus statement-making Arc Brush now bundled together. ($94 value!)

Application of the spin on lip gloss as more dense and thorough compared to a standard applicatorThe boss gloss bundle in shades beige frosted (shimmer), beige natural, glam taupe (shimmer), glam peach (shimmer), pink sheer, pink natural, rich toast (shimmer), and rich copper (shimmer)

The Boss Gloss Bundle

All eight intensely moisturizing, never sticky glosses that roll across your lips. ($152 value)

Model holding the Woosh Beauty Fold out face paletteWoosh Beauty Fold out palette with the Black Fold out makeup bag case, four essential brushes, and one collapsable nesting brush

The Jetsetter Bundle

Just grab & go, this beauty bundle is a traveler's dream come true! ($194 value!)

Four essential brushes are professional quality, conveniently numbered, vegan & cruelty-freePrism pouch and four essential makeup brushes

The Prism Pouch + Essential Brush Set

Get beautiful makeup results with these 4 essential face brushes plus the Prism Pouch for easy storage.

The Complexion KitThe Complexion Kit

The Complexion Kit

The deluxe brush & palette combo that will even out your skin tone for a radiant, glowing complexion.