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A Faster Routine

The curated makeup sets and unique application tools you need to get out the door faster than before.

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peel off Even Eye Stencils in reusable pink plastic caseeven eye stencils under eyes on model as she puts on her eyeshadow
Even Eye Stencils (45) Sale price$20
The white, flexible, plastic mascara shield in reusable package.Model using mascara shield on upper lashes as she applies mascara. The shield protects her eyelids from mascara.
Mascara Shield (35) Sale price$10
Two sided corner brush eye stamper with v shaped end and angled endDemonstration of the corner brush eye stamper v shaped side on eyelid
Secret brush nesting makeup brushes. 4 numbered brushes in 1 product.  Perfect for travelsecret brush nesting makeup brushes nested together as one
The Secret Brush (30) Sale price$25
The fold out case shown closed in hot pink with silver zipperDemonstration of the fold out case holding four essential brushes, three lip glosses, and the fold out face palette
Three pan refillable palette with a base eyeshadow, shimmer eyeshadow and  custard concealerModel wearing coconut concealer under her eyes and holding a Fold Out Eyes palette near her finished, shimmering eye look
Save $35
The fold out face palette with four brushes from the essential brush setModel holding the fold out face palette
The Classics (39) Sale price$110 Regular price$145