Why You Can't Mess Up Your Makeup with this palette

On a regular basis, there are plenty of reasons we all mess up while doing our makeup. Here are three:

1) You are in a hurry. All of the time. 

2) You don't really know what you're doing.

3) You sneezed, the dog barked, the doorbell rang, the baby started screaming, (insert loud, jarring event here), mid-brushstroke. 

Well, GREAT NEWS! The Fold Out Face makeup palette makes it nearly impossible to mess up your makeup. At the very least, you won't have to start over (which as mentioned above, you don't. have. time. for.) We'll tell you why...


Fold Out Face full face makeup palette concealer palette

We specifically numbered the 5 steps in the makeup palette to give you freedom to correct mistakes. You START with your eyes. If you smudge too far, you can wipe it off without removing concealer. If you get fallout on your face, you can use concealer to cover it up! You END with foundation powder. 🤯 If you applied too much product, have uneven contour, or didn't fully blend your concealer... these magic foundation powders will buff and smooth out your full face (and neck and décolletage) leaving you with a gorgeous, natural, airbrushed finish. 

How is this possible??

Each of the products in the Fold Out Face makeup palette were meticulously formulated to work together and layer beautifully. Made from the highest quality minerals, the foundation powders are triple milled, making them softer, finer and silkier when they lay on the skin. They allow your skin to breathe, and the buildable coverage will correct anything you make have "messed up" in the quick, easy, five minute process. 




What are you waiting for? Get a Fold Out Face!