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Article: So fresh and SO Clean

So fresh and SO Clean
clean beauty

So fresh and SO Clean

Climate change is serious business. And when it comes to our precious planet, so are we. This is why we’re all about clean formulas that care for your skin… and Mother Earth. To be honest, we’ve always been conscious about how our products and ingredients affect the world we live in. Now just felt like a great time to talk about it!

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At Woosh Beauty, we believe harmful ingredients have no place in makeup and beauty products. Anything that can irritate your skin or mess with your hormones? Uncool. And ingredients that have the potential to harm marine life or screw up our oceans? No thanks. The jury may still be out on certain ingredients in everyday products, but when things like parabens are found in worryingly high levels in dolphins and sea otters that’s something to be concerned about. Experts even predict that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

What the… whaaat?

Sure, this is an estimate, but the fact that something like this is even a possibility should be enough to make us all think about our use of single-use plastic. From the laundry detergents we purchase to the unnecessary bags we use to hold three apples at the local supermarket (don’t get us started!), we simply have to cut down on this madness.

With regards to the beauty and personal care industry, tons of potentially toxic ingredients are used, and billions – no exaggeration – of units of plastic are created every year just so we can wash our hair, shave our legs and rouge our cheeks. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love all things beauty and could not live without our makeup, skincare, hair products and, well, you get the point. But why does wanting to look good and take care of ourselves have to come at such a cost? The simple answer is, it doesn’t.

Since Woosh Beauty launched, we have always been aware of our carbon footprint and from day one, our team has done everything possible to make the entire line vegan, cruelty-free, PETA certified and free from nasties like synthetic fragrance and sulfates. We are proud to be a clean beauty company and we want to help make it easier for makeup-wearers everywhere to go clean! 

But Hold On, What Is Clean Beauty?

You may be wondering what ‘clean beauty’ really means. A relatively new term in the beauty industry, clean beauty is generally understood to encompass products that are non-toxic, meaning they must be free of potentially harmful ingredients. Things can get a tad hazy because clean beauty is an unregulated term which makes it open to interpretation by any company wanting to jump on the planet- and skin-friendly bandwagon. But for anyone with a conscience, clean products should always be void of non-toxic ingredients.

One other thing to be aware of -  clean beauty products aren’t to be confused with natural products that contain no synthetic ingredients (although this is sometimes the case), and neither must they be recyclable or organic. Just as long as a product’s ingredients are safe, non-toxic and don't mislead you with false claims, it’s deemed to be clean.

This may sound simple (ha, ish!) but there’s more, because agreeing on what makes an ingredient toxic or potentially harmful opens up another can of worms. In the EU, for instance, around 1,600 chemicals are banned or at least restricted across personal care products, whereas, here in the US, the FDA has banned a mere 11. This makes it the responsibility of companies like us to help you do the right thing…

What Clean Beauty Means To Us

Here’s our take on clean beauty.

First up, to be truly clean, we believe there are a bunch of dirty ingredients you should avoid including parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, formaldehydes, gluten, phthalates and PFAS. How did we come up with this list of no-nos? Simple: if an ingredient has the potential to irritate your skin, harm your health or hurt our planet, it’s out. These are our number one priorities. No arguments. Take parabens, for example. Parabens are preservatives that prevent your products from going bad. Kind of important right? Well, yes, but various studies have shown that parabens can cause skin sensitivities. Not only that, but they’re readily absorbed into your bloodstream where they have the potential to mess with your hormones and cause harm to your reproductive and digestive systems. Finally, they’ve also shown up in streams, rivers, oceans and marine animals where their long-term effects are still in question. We’re not down with any of that.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to preserve the life of your makeup without using parabens. So we don’t. Nor do we use other baddies that are likely to do harm. Avoiding the bad stuff and filling our cosmetics with dermatologist-tested, good ingredients like antioxidants and zinc oxide, and shea butter, however, isn’t good enough for us. In fact, we believe clean beauty should be so much more than that, which is why we’re also completely vegan, cruelty-free and certified by PETA. Even our makeup brushes are free of animal hairs. We prefer to use synthetic bristles to give you the best quality brushes without any of the guilt.

And then there’s our much-loved makeup palettes which are the real deal when it comes to best-in-class, conscientious makeup. As you know, most makeup palettes and compacts are made of single-use plastic. And sure, they look fancy, but when you weigh that up against the fact that every one of them adds to the trillions of plastic debris cluttering up our poor oceans, are they really worth it? That’ll be a big fat no.

Our awesome, best-selling Fold Out Face and Complexion Palettes contain zero plastic and instead are made with eco-friendly paper board. They can also be refilled when you run out which helps conserve natural resources and prolongs the life of your palette for… well, forever! The future of beauty is definitely looking up, don’t you agree? Of course there’s always more to be done, but we’re convinced we’re on the right path and are thrilled to help you live a cleaner, greener makeup life that cares for your skin and helps protect our planet.

Together, we can and will do better.

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