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Article: Woosh to the rescue - helpful life hacks

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Woosh to the rescue - helpful life hacks

Everyone is familiar with the concept of "spring cleaning" but at Woosh, we also like to engage in what we call "fall preparedness". The chaotic holiday season will be here any second, and the last thing we want is for any of our Wooshies to find themselves in a state of she-mergency. Read on for our top 5 helpful hacks to get through almost any everyday issue.

1) Stash a spare umbrella. 
Whether it's in your desk drawer at work, your car, backpack, diaper bag, or large purse, just remember that rain tends to pop up when you're somewhere other than your house. Here are some sleek, handheld umbrella options.  

2) Carry bandaids in your wallet. 
Most of us no longer carry cash, so there's a big empty slot that fits a generous supply of bandaids. One of two things will happen when you do this: either you will use them, and save yourself from a blister, OR you will inevitably spot another woman limping along some day, and you will save her. Either way, AWESOME.

3) Also carry Pepto in your wallet.
Yes, Pepto makes flat, chewables that you can slip in your wallet. Who can say if they were designed for wallets, but they should be marketing them that way (you hear that, Proctor & Gamble?)  Because how often are you sick to your stomach while conveniently near your medicine cabinet? Almost never. 

4) Keep your teeth stain-free. 
Colder weather means hot coffee and red wine, two things that are notorious for staining your teeth. Luckily, there is a lip balm that, when applied prior to sipping said beverages, will prevent your teeth and lips from staining! If you carry one in your purse, you won't have to worry about whether you can smile in that group pic or not. :)

5) Learn to Use a Swiss Army Knife
This tool is NOT just for men! Repeat: NOT just for men. A basic Victorinox swiss army knife ($16.99, available in pink, purple, white, etc.) may look intimidating, but in reality it's:  a plastic toothpick, an adorable, tiny scissors, a small knife (it's not scary or sharp, promise), a NAIL FILE (!!!!), and get this... TWEEZERS!!!! Hallelujah.

Stay prepared out there! xo, Woosh

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