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The Essential Contour Brush

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Why You Need It:

Ergonomically designed, expertly curated, and featuring two full-size, synthetic bristle brushes in one tool; our dual-ended Contour Brush provides superior blendability and precision.

Use along with the Woosh™ Fold Out Face™ for a simple 5-step guide to a full makeup look in under 5 minutes.

Why We’re Crazy for The Contour

Helps sculpt, slim and define the look of your features Helps provide the look of high cheekbones
Use the smaller end for applying light-colored highlighter under eyes, down the bridge of your nose and on your forehead
Use the bigger end for applying dark-colored contour powder under cheeks, on jawline and on neck

How to Use It:

Simply Put?

We like to call it “twirl power”. Flip back and forth between brush ends during your everyday makeup application to get custom coverage and a flawless finish.

Even more?

Specifically designed with the highest quality bristles and shaped to enhance the natural curves of the face, our Essential Dual-Ended Contour Brush features a skinnier angled end for applying gentle highlights and a thicker angled end for creating darker shadow to offer you an easy, effortless contoured look.

Use along with our 5 step Fold Out Face™ instructions for a complete, easy guide to applying your makeup, or use the brushes on their own with any of your pre-existing products.


In Action:

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