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The Essential Brush Set

The Essential Brush Set provides you with the perfect way to apply all of your makeup. This video shows how to use the four brushes to complete your full makeup look. Each brush is double ended to allow for easy makeup application and space saved in your bag! The numbers on the brush match up with the numbers in the Fold Out Face full face makeup palette. Brush 1 is for the eyes. One end is for applying your eyeshadow, and the other is for smudging and eyeliner. Brush 2 is for the perfectors. The bulleted ends are perfect for applying the makeup whether it's the small side to conceal blemishes or the larger side for larger areas of your face. Brush 3 is for contour, with two different sizes. The smaller side can be used for areas like the bridge of your nose, and your chin, while the larger side is meant for areas you want to define like your jaw and cheekbones. Brush 4 is for blush and blend. The rounded blush side is perfect to get the right amount on the apples of your cheeks, while the blend side is flat and great at buffing and blending the rest of your face so nothing looks too rigid. This brush set is all you will ever want or need to apply your makeup!