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This month, we’re all about calming, peaceful vibes.
Stress is no joke. Not only does it affect your emotions and behavior towards both yourself and others, but it’s been proven to play a major role in your health and even your weight. As we said, no joke.

Dealing with stress is also equally as unfunny. Like, is there a more annoying phrase than ‘don’t stress!’? Even the words are enough to make your blood boil. Especially when you’re literally At. The. End. Of. Your. Tether.

That’s why such words from well-meaning colleagues, friends, family and neighbors are way off the mark and consequently do not make the below list. Instead, keep scrolling for some real tried and tested treats for helping you to chill your mind, relax your body and calm your soul. So, take a deep breath (after all, breathing exercises are a great place to start!) and let’s begin...

The Cards That Care

Developed by real-life therapists, counselors and yogi professionals, these Stress Relief & Selfcare Cards by Allura & Arcia are a fantastic way to help relieve anxiety and promote a more positive outlook on life. Each card gives you a totally achievable objective, alongside thoughts and solutions on how to reach these goals and mindsets. Simply grab a card each day – or once a week if that feels more doable, no pressure – and you’ll instantly find yourself furnished with helpful tips and techniques for dealing with stressful situations or negative feelings. Kind of like your own, pocket-sized therapist. But packaged in a cute box… and way less expensive.

The Pet-Lovers Paradise

OK, so this Bedsure Human Dog Bed is kind of ridiculous, but we love it and are not going to apologize for it. Honestly, what kind of pet owner are you if you’ve never wondered how comfortable your dog’s fluff-filled bed is? Dang, maybe you’re ‘that’ person and have climbed in on the odd occasion just to be close to your beloved pooch. No judging. However, may we recommend stepping it up with an actual dog bed that’s big enough for the both of you. Serious stress relief right there. Add in the warm faux shag, memory foam pressure relief and joint support, and you may never leave.

The Bathtime Bliss Out

A huge hit with almost the entire Woosh team, the Goop The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak is the best way to relax and unwind after a stressful week. Infused with Himalayan pink salt, chia seed oil, passionflower and all manner of other mindful ingredients, it’s a bathtime must for your mind, body and soul. Just add wine. Or, of course, a martini, if you want to be in perfect harmony with the name on the packet. Come on now, Gwyneth's wishes are quite clear.

The Candle Of Calm

We don’t know about you but when we want to instantly feel more relaxed we always turn to a scented candle. Sometimes even the act of striking that match and lighting our favorite candle is enough to make us switch off from the craziness of life. Just us then? OK. But still, you have to agree that candles are the best. Especially this all-natural House Of Wise Smells Like (No) Stress candle which blends natural soy wax – because nothing else will do – with hemp-derived CBD and a calming cocktail of essential oils and plant botanicals like fig, violet, rose, amber and cedarwood.

The Beauty Life Saver

Makeup emergencies are the worst. OK, not the absolute worst, but we’ve all had moments where we’ve been in dire need of a little on-the-go help and found ourselves void of our favorite face products. So freakin’ stressful. If this sounds way too familiar than you care to admit, you will love the Woosh Fold Out Complexion Kit. It comes complete with the fabulous, refillable Fold Out Complexion palette plus the Secret Brush, our 4-in-1 travel-sized makeup brush that allows you to conceal, contour and apply blush and powder all in one smart, nesting tool. It’s kind of a big deal. In a small package. Which is our favorite kind!

The Calming Gummies

Looking for a little sweet, chewy treat to balance a frazzled Monday morning? Then you might want to check out Lemme Chill De-Stress Gummies from Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s line of vitamin and botanical supplements.

The reality star launched Lemme along with her long-time BFF, Simon Huck at the end of 2022 and since then the gummies, tinctures and tablets have flown off the virtual shelves. So much so that her Chill gummies, which went viral on TikTok, are now available at Target. The key ingredient is ashwagandha which is thought to support healthy cortisol levels (the ‘stress’ hormone!) and reduce food cravings. Because we've all eaten an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's after having one of 'those' days, right?

The Classic De-Stressing Favorite

We know these things have been around forever, but we defy you not to feel instantly less stressed after working the USAGA Premium Scalp Massager over your head, neck (even your back!) for a few minutes. Better yet, get someone else to do it for you – you could always return the favor later if they do a decent enough job ;)

With 28 soft metal ‘fingers' – which is way more than most scalp massagers out there, btw – it could not be more simple to use. But boy, does it feel good. Work worries? What work worries?

The Brew For You

Founded in 2014 by the forever-gorgeous Elle MacPherson, Welle Co offers wellness solutions for all tastes and needs. From hot chocolate to help your skin glow (yes, really!) through to dietary supplements to support you through the menopause, the model and TV star has pretty much thought of everything. We’re particularly into the Sleep Welle Calming Tea which blends potent botanicals like lemon balm, valerian root and passionflower to help you sip away the cares of the day and prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep. And we all know how important decent zzzs are for your stress levels. Priceless.

The Practically Purr-fect Stress Ball

Soft, squeezy and so much more fun than regular, boring stress balls, we’re in love with the cute but oh-so-Grouchy Kitty Jumbo Stress Ball. Full disclosure, stress balls have not been clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. However, the act of squeezing is said to improve the nervous system and balance your hormones. We’ll take that. Plus, have you ever actually gotten your hands on one of these bad boys? They really do help distract you from stressful situations and soothe frayed nerves. Grouchy Kitty for president!

The Mindful Read

Reading anything (OK, maybe not our kids’ school reports!) is one of our favorite and simplest ways to decompress. But if you’re searching for something that offers more than a fun read, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie Smith could be the exact book you’re looking for.

A true gift for helping you navigate your way through the rollercoaster of life, this best-seller is incredible for managing stress, dealing with mood swings, building self-confidence and learning how to care for your mental health. What’s more it’s a super easy read, with bite-sized chapters and solid, expert advice that doesn’t feel impossible to take on board. Because that can be stressful in itself.

The Soothing Scent

As anybody who is into aromatherapy will tell you, our sense of smell is a very powerful tool. It’s no secret that scents evoke very powerful memories (good and bad) and certain fragrances can even have muscle-relaxing effects. Well, this olfactory technology is exactly what The Nue Co Water Therapy Fragrance is all about. With consciously sourced, cruelty-free ingredients, this delightful scent harnesses the powers of fresh, clear and marine-inspired scents like salt, seaweed and vetiver to replicate the feeling of being in or around water. This increases blood flow to the brain and heart, and helps evoke a feeling of relaxation and calm.

“I was in a bubble of cheerfulness all day long,” explains one customer's review. We're definitely in for that, please.

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