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a photo of a woman's lips in silhouette blowing on dandelion seeds, tinted in shades of peach


From pretty, doll-like blush to gorgeously glowing skin, this season’s hottest makeup trends are totally wearable which means they have our (and your!) name all over them.

When it comes to makeup trends, we love them just as much as the next person. But we don’t live and breathe them. Sure, graphic eyeliner and bright blue lashes might be going crazy on social media right now and they might be fun to try out, but honestly, they’re not that practical when it comes to daily life.

For us, the most important thing about makeup is finding what works best for your skin tone, your facial features, your lifestyle and your budget. If you have an hour in the morning and feel like sculpting the most intricate, catwalk-inspired eye makeup, then go nuts. Only have five minutes to slap on some foundation and lipgloss before you rush out the door? Also cool.

The most important thing to remember is that makeup is fun, individual and it enhances who you are and who you want to present to the world that day. And you don’t have to copy the latest red carpet it-girl to crush any of that.

All this being said, it’s still nice to see how makeup trends change with the seasons. So when we checked out the spring/summer runways – as well as what our favorite celebs are currently wearing on the red carpets – we were thrilled to see that the hottest looks are playful, pretty, simple to achieve and extremely wearable. And frankly, that’s Woosh beauty in a nutshell!

Want to learn more? Then feast your eyes over the top makeup trends we already have on repeat – and it's only, like, a week into spring!

Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz might conjure up images of downy facial hair, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, this kind of peach fuzz is actually Pantone’s gorgeous color of the year which was chosen for its ‘warmth and modern elegance.’ We’re in love with it for its fresh, vintage vibes but, even more exciting, is that as a makeup color, peach flatters literally everyone. It can also be worn on your eyes, cheeks AND lips, and not many other colors have that notch on their belt.

How To Get The Look: Chances are you already have a peach blusher in your collection. It is the most universally flattering shade, after all. But if not, don’t worry, because our Bellini Blush is a great shout if you’re looking to invest in a cute new fuzzy shade of peach. A neutral tone that’s neither too warm, nor too cool, this gorgeous cheek powder also contains a slight sheen, leaving your skin with a stunning glow as well as a soft touch of color.

Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and over your eyelids for spring’s coolest, matchy-matchy look as seen on Emma Stone at this year’s BAFTAs. To add definition to your eyes, line just above your top lashline with Licorice Eye Shadow before finishing with a little Like Magic Mascara. Just don’t go overboard – this look is supposed to be pretty and natural-looking, not dripping with drama.


Doll-Like Blush

Call it the Barbie effect if you like (because that girl/doll is going nowhere!), but glazed, girly blush is a big trend for 2024. And the key for owning this look is to know that whatever color you choose – pastel pink, coral or a berry tone – you mustn't be shy with it. Make your blush the absolute focus of your makeup. It’s super feminine and lifts your skin without much need for anything else. Literally the simplest trend of the season!

How To Get The Look: Easy. Grab a large fluffy brush like our Essential Blush & Blend Brush and work your blusher (we love Daiquiri) on and just above the apples of your cheeks for that pretty, doll-like effect. Not sure where your apples are? They’re the parts of your cheeks that pop up when you smile.

Just remember not to worry about being too heavy-handed when you apply your blush. More is good, but if you end up not liking it on your skin you can always blend it out with your Foundation powder. To finish, apply a little Shimmer over the top to highlight your healthy flush.

Ombré Lips

Ombré lips started to gain momentum across social media last year and they show no signs of going away.

Not sure what in the world ombré lips are? Well, they’re all about showing off two different lip colors on your lips. Sounds kinda scary? It’s really not. In fact, the most popular version is to line your lips with a medium to darkish color, then to fill in the rest of your lips with a gloss in a similar, but paler shade. Anyone can do that! You could also work a similar two-toned vibe with lipstick but this is a tad trickier and much more bold. We’re all about the softer, glossier version, tbh.


How To Get The Look: Good news, people, this look is way easier than you might think. And you don’t even need a lip liner if you don’t have one. We tried it with the Truffle Eye Shadow from our Fold Out Face Palette, using the bevelled end of The Essential Eye Brush to apply it all around the lip line. We then filled in our lips with Spin On Gloss in Beige Frosted and, well, let’s just say wow!

You could also use Macaroon or Ganache Eye Shadows, your Dark Contour refill or even a pretty Blush color to line your lips. Then grab your favorite lip gloss and you’ve pretty much nailed this look without even trying.

Glowing Skin

Glowy skin was seen all over the spring/summer catwalks and awards season red carpets. What’s more, ask any makeup artist to name their product must-have right now and we bet some kind of illuminating cream or highlighting powder would be right up there. That makes it official, the one makeup item you need to embrace for the rest of 2024 is highlighter.

There’s something about glowing skin that will always be in. Having a radiant glow to your complexion instantly makes you look healthy and youthful and it shows you have confidence in the way you look. We love that. It’s a shame, therefore, that nature doesn’t always comply. But hey, that’s why awesome makeup is such a lifesaver.

How To Get The Look: To be honest, the best place to start is by stepping up your skincare game. For your skin to really glow from within it needs to be hydrated and well moisturized so introduce ingredients like hyaluronic acid into your regime to help boost moisture in your skin.

Then comes the fun part! First, apply Pre Face Primer all over your skin to further boost hydration and smooth out your complexion. Leave this for a minute before applying concealer, contour powder, blusher, eye makeup or whatever you’re in the mood for. Then dust Shimmer along your cheekbones, above your top lip, on your eyelids, chin, even your nose if that floats your boat.

Finish with Foundation Powder to complete the look and blur any lines. Our lightweight foundations provide awesome coverage and leave you with healthy-looking skin without the risk of midday shine ruining your makeup mojo. The perfect combination for glowing skin.

Now bring on the sunshine!

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