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Article: The Secret's Out - The Secret Brush is Now For Sale!

Product image of the 4 in 1 nesting brush

The Secret's Out - The Secret Brush is Now For Sale!

BigNews! BigNews! BigNews! The fan-favorite, 4-in-1 "secret brush" is now for sale individually! Previously only available with the purchase of our Fold Out Face (w/ secret brush set) makeup palette, now this baby is breaking out on her own. 
Originally intended as a travel companion to the Fold Out Face when you need something compact (but high quality) to apply product, we heard over and over that this little nesting brush really deserved her own spotlight. And we agreed! The secret behind the secret brush set is that, while at first glance, it looks like one of our signature double-ended makeup brushes, it's actually 4 brushes in one.
the 4 in one nesting brush separated with text saying the 'pieces nest together'
Fully assembled, the larger, fluffier sides are for makeup application steps 3 (contour) and 4/5 (blush & blending powder). But once you pull them apart, you reveal a smaller, double-ended tool with brush ends specially designed to apply step 1 (eyeshadow) and step 2 (concealer). We put all of these brushes in one easy tool that snaps in place and fits anywhere to give you an easy alternative to bringing your full makeup brush set with you.
Close up of the fluffy ends of the brushes from the 4 in 1 nesting brush
Great for when you're carrying a small bag, need to slip it in a pocket, or we've also heard it's the perfect brush to bring with you for impromptu overnights with "friends"... wink wink. 
Whatever you choose to use it for, we hope you'll pick one up and let us know what you think! 

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