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The MMS (Mobile Makeup System) Bag™

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Why You Need It:

Our dream makeup bag come to life, the MMS Bag™ strategically holds everything you need, unfolds fast for instant access at your fingertips, and quickly zips up to go anywhere – like a chic handbag.

Designed to help you break bad beauty habits and get out of the bathroom! Our organized, customizable MMS Bag™ will help you save time and cut clutter. No more digging through a bottomless beauty bag to find what you need! Pair with the MMS Mirror™ to create a portable pop-up vanity that will revolutionize your routine

How to Use It:

Our MMS Bag™ has plenty of space for everything you need, a spot for our lighted mirror (yes!!) and is protected by a sturdy EVA molded frame - the kind used for carrying camera equipment. That means, no more opening your makeup bag to find your pressed powders cracked and mascara leaking! Now your favorite cosmetics are always safe, secure, and ready to travel with you wherever you go.


In Action:

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