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Everyone knows that makeup’s main MO is to help you look your very best, enhancing your best features… and blurring out some of your not-so-loved bits. Were you aware, however, that Woosh offers so much more than that? Not only are our products animal-friendly, planet-friendly AND purse-friendly, but they also boast some pretty awesome benefits for your skin. Because makeup should not just be a pretty face.

We don’t know about you, but we like our beauty regime to work hard for its money. From multi-tasking skincare that moisturizes, brightens and protects your complexion through to new-wave hair treatments that cleanse and condition at the same time (thanks for that Hairstory!) we are all over beauty that makes life easier, serves more than one purpose and doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

And makeup should be no exception.

If you’re yet to try Woosh, know this – we check all the above boxes… and then some. Simple to use, kind to your wallet, earth-conscious and totally vegan, every one of our makeup products was created with thought and care for both you and our world. But there’s one other little known fact about our makeup: it’s crazy good for your skin. Of course, it’s never going to do the heavy lifting a hard-core moisturizer or super-powered sunscreen offers but, alongside a kick-*ss skincare routine, our formulations are the ideal allies for helping to keep your skin healthy and gorgeous.

You see, it's all about what goes inside our makeup – as well as what doesn’t. For starters, we’re vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and derm-approved because we say a massive ‘hell no’ to ingredients that are tested on or sourced from animals, or are potentially toxic or harmful. Formaldehydes, sulfates and parabens? No. Thank. You.

Then there’s all the good stuff we pump into our skin-loving makeup. While other brands often use fillers, synthetic fragrances and heavy metals to ‘enhance’ their product’s texture or experience, we know most of you would rather enjoy a safer, cleaner makeup product. Especially if it's still a joy to use.

So, what exactly does our makeup contain that gives it the edge above the rest in the quest for smoother, radiant-looking skin? Read on for five skincare powerhouses we’ve hidden in plain sight across many Woosh bestsellers...

5 Of The Best Skin-Loving Makeup Ingredients

1. Tocopherol

Don’t be confused by the name, because tocopherol is just a fancy name for vitamin E. And, as we’re sure you know, vitamin E is one of skin’s BFFs. Having been used forever in moisturizers and skin-nourishing treatments, vitamin E might not have the flashy edge of the retinols and hyaluronic acids of the world, but it’s a stalwart in the skincare industry and arguably one of the most widely used. The reason for its all-round fabulousness? It’s extremely well tolerated by all skin types and offers both moisturizing and antioxidant benefits.

Keeping your skin nicely moisturized is important for obvious reasons, but antioxidants are just as vital because they help neutralize free radicals, therefore reducing environmental damage to your skin’s valuable collagen and elastin supplies. There aren’t many skincare ingredients that check both of these boxes but tocopherol smashes them, helping to improve your skin’s texture and tone almost immediately. And you’ve got to love it for that.

We adore vitamin E so much that we use it across all of our refillable makeup powders and creams – foundations, concealers, eye shadows, the works. This makes our makeup hella good for your skin and not even slightly drying – unlike some powder formulations out there....

2. Ascorbyl Palmitate

Although it’s a slightly scary-sounding ingredient, ascorbyl palmitate is far from it. It’s basically just a topical version of vitamin C. And a dang good one at that.

Vitamin C is another powerful antioxidant, slowing down free radicals’ mission of doing a number on your skin while helping to keep your collagen in check and reducing the visible signs of skin aging. It’s also been shown to improve your skin’s glow factor by slowing down melanin production (that’s the pigment in your skin that can sometimes make it look patchy and uneven). As we said, it’s really good stuff.

Unlike l-ascorbic acid which is the purest form of vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate is a gentler, fat-soluble version. This makes it less effective, for sure, but that’s not always such a bad thing. You see, ascorbic acid is a potent little beast and can be too strong for many skin types, causing dryness and redness if you’re not careful. And that’s why we’re all about ascorbyl palmitate. Similar benefits with less of the downsides? Count us in.

Just like vitamin E, you’ll find vitamin C in many of our powder formulations, offering you double the antioxidant prowess with no irritation to your skin. You’re welcome.

3. Stearic Acid

If you know anything about your skin you’ll be well aware of how important a strong barrier function is. Your skin’s barrier function is its outermost layer and it’s the one that keeps moisture and goodness in, and bad stuff like pollution and allergens out. In short, a barrier function that’s not at its best will result in irritated, sensitive skin that’s dehydrated, dry and in pretty poor shape.

Looking after your barrier function (hello moisturizer!) is super important and it’s not just your skincare that can help here. Our makeup contains stearic acid, a moisturizing long-chain fatty acid that’s incredible for powering up your barrier function, helping to keep your skin strong, smooth and hydrated while reducing water loss as an added bonus.

As well as our Foundation, Contour and Blush Powders, we also popped a little stearic acid into our Like Magic Mascara to help keep your lashes moisturized, healthy and more luscious-looking. Nice.

4. Titanium Dioxide

Protecting your skin from that old devil in the sky (yes, we’re talking to you, sun) is the most important way to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin. Short of living in a darkened cave for your entire life – which we don’t advise, btw – the best way to do this is to apply sunscreen every morning. And when we say every morning, we mean it. Not just in the summer, not just when you’re hitting the beach, but every single day – rain or shine. You see, those damaging UV rays are able to penetrate right through clouds, which means they’re always there during the daytime, whether it’s sunny or not.

We live by the ‘sunscreen every day’ rule and are sticklers for applying a good SPF as the last step in our morning skincare routine. In our opinion – and the FDA’s for that matter – the most effective ingredients for protecting your skin from the sun are natural minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Unlike chemical ingredients, these are much kinder to your skin. Plus, they’re way safer for the environment. Win-win.

Of course, makeup can’t replace a broad-spectrum sunscreen because it rarely gets used in enough quantities to give you an effective, protective layer on the surface of your skin. But if you can add a little extra, without even thinking about it, why wouldn’t you?

Our Spin-On Lip Glosses, face powders, and Eye Shadows all contain an extra dash of titanium dioxide.

Because aging is serious business.

5. Shea Butter

When it comes to natural moisturizers, shea butter is up with there with the best of them. A prominent fixture in almost every skin moisturizer out there, shea butter contains a whole bunch of fatty acids and is a tried and trusted winner for softening your skin and sealing in moisture. Its emollient qualities help strengthen your skin’s barrier function by sealing in the good guys while locking out the bad.

But moisturizing your skin isn’t the only string in shea butter’s bow. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which may help calm and soothe the skin.

And there’s more.

Shea butter is a great choice for oily or acne-prone skin because, unlike cocoa butter or coconut oil which are heavy, rich and can clog up your pores, shea butter is considered to be non-comedogenic which means it’s way less likely to block your pores or cause your skin to freak out. It really is both the jack and master of almost all trades!

The driest area of your face is usually your lips. This is why our Spin-On Lip Glosses are thoughtfully loaded up with shea butter. We know, we really do have the brains and the beauty ;)

So now you see, Woosh really IS incredibly good for you, making it the wisest choice for 2024 and beyond. Happy new year, everyone!

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