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Article: Easy, Gorgeous, Holiday Eyes

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Easy, Gorgeous, Holiday Eyes

Every year the panic sets in: what do I wear to the holiday party tonight?  Is my hair ok or should I do more?  How do I make my makeup look special?

Well, if you already have a Fold Out Face all-in-one makeup palette you're on the right track.  Or if you are thinking of getting your first - know that it's a game changer.  Either way, check out the quick and easy tutorial below for getting a glam holiday eye look. 

All you need is a shadow brush, and the 4 eye shadows that come in the FOF palette.  

A plain eye with just "BASE" on it.

First, apply a light coating of the "BASE" eye shadow to your lid; this will help cover any veins or discoloration, and give you a nice smooth canvas to start with.

An eye with black "LINE" on it

Second, apply the black "LINE" shadow to line your lash line.

An eye with shimmering "SHINE" added to it.

Next, dip your brush into the brown "DEFINE" shadow; apply it to your lid and into your crease as shown. Almost done!

The last step is to take the "SHINE" color and apply it to the inside corner of your eye. Extend it out towards the pupil a little.  Add some beneath your eye, and that's it! 

A finished holiday eye look.

P.S. If your brows are sparse or you want a little more drama, you can use the brown "DEFINE" shadow to darken/ fill them in.  The dark contour powder in a Fold Out Face also works well for a lot of people.  And of course you can add mascara if you want, but this look is so darn sparkly and pretty it's not even necessary.  

Now you've got that covered!  On to that holiday outfit!

Happy Holidays 

XO Woosh Team

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