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The Mobile Vanity

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Why You Need It:

All women deserve a clean and convenient place to apply their makeup, right?! That's why we combined both our best-selling MMS Mirror and MMS Bag into one portable, lighted, makeup station bundle that you can set up anywhere and take on the go...

Our instant pop-up vanity provides the perfect place (and light!) at all times so you can get out the door, and on with your life, even faster.

How to Use It:

Our must-have Mobile Makeup System, the MMS Bag coupled with MMS Mirror, combines to create the perfect pop-up vanity. Just slide the mirror into the back of the bag using our 3 pointed hook system, and adjust the bag straps to find your ideal height. When you're done applying your makeup, secure your products into their unique compartments, flip the light off, zip & go - the MMS bag doubles as a chic handbag!

Carry everything you need to apply your makeup under any condition, or set up as a stationary system at home or work.


In Action:

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