Why Made in America?

People often ask us if our cosmetics are made in the USA....and the answer is YES!  All of our cosmetics are made here so that we can closely monitor their quality, ensuring our formulas are all high-performing, and don't include any 'bad stuff'.

A few years ago, when we were first talking product development, we all sat down and discussed how we were going to produce our makeup. We unanimously agreed that any/all cosmetics must be made here in the United States. We made a list of all of the things we didn't want - parabens, sulfates, gluten, fragrance, animal testing - and only moved forward with manufacturers who could ensure that our formulas are free of them. It felt like a good decision then and feels just as good now! 

One of the awesome, positive outcomes that has come from being made stateside, is our relationship with the Anytown USA marketplace and their mission to sell only items made in the USA. They feature tons of amazing craftsmen and artists, and always offer a military discount.  Here's a link to their podcast featuring our COO, Tracy Haffner, talking 'American Beauty'. We're proud to be partners with them and hope you'll give it a listen. xo